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Our vision is to transform the standard of care for chronic conditions, starting with PCOS.

Abstract Background

Had enough of dealing with the burden of PCOS?  You’re not alone.

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Our Solution...

Introducing LoOop, our solution to alleviate the symptoms and lessen the burden of chronic conditions.

Studies have shown that low frequency electro-stimulation can relieve the metabolic, menstrual and reproductive symptoms of PCOS.

The MyLoOoP platform helps lessen the burden of your condition, bringing everything together in one place to manage PCOS as a chronic condition.

In the near term, we are bringing to market a device to provide symptomatic relief of pain.

Symptoms – Appearance

PCOS and Acne

Causes – Hormonal

PCOS and Androgen Excess

Complications – Reproductive

PCOS and Anovulation

Complications – Cancer

PCOS and Breast Cancer

Complications – Cardiometabolic

PCOS and Diabetes

Complications – Mental Health

PCOS and Eating Disorders

Complications - Cancer

PCOS and Endometrial Cancer

Other Conditions

PCOS and Epilepsy

Treatments – Supplements

PCOS and Magnesium

Complications – Cancer

PCOS and Ovarian Cancer

Complications - Cancer

PCOS and Pancreatic Cancer

Life stage

PCOS and Perimenopause

Neuraura is developing LoOoP to relieve the symptoms and alleviate the burden of PCOS.

Explore our articles addressing the causes, symptoms, health complications, and potential treatments for PCOS.

Join our waitlist to be the first to know when LoOoP is available where you live.

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